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Database NGOs from Timor Leste

There are more than 500 NGOs in Timor Leste. Here are a few of them including their websites.

ACbit – Chega! Ba Ita – Supporting Women Survivors and Victims of Past Conflict http://chegabaita.org/

AJAR-Timor Leste – https://asia-ajar.org/timor-leste/

Alola Foundation – http://www.alolafoundation.org/

Ba Futuru – For the Future – http://bafuturu.org/

Empreza Diak – http://empreza-diak.com/

Lao Hamutuk – a think tank. https://www.laohamutuk.org/

Maluk Timor – Advancing Quality Healthcare Together. https://maluktimor.org/

Timor Data Center – https://timordata.info/

Timor Foundation – https://timor-foundation.com/

ADRA Timor Leste – http://adra.tl/

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