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Selected [disaster related]


Is There Such a Thing as a “Natural” Disaster? RSIS Commentaries

International Disasters in Asia Pacific: Indonesia’s Civil-Military Responses, RSIS Comentaries

The West Sumatra Earthquakes: Not Learning Our Lessons? RSIS Commentaries

“Gaps” in Tsunami Alert System, New Strait Times, Singapore

El Nino: Coping with the New Normal, RSIS Comentaries

Zika Risk Governance and Climate Change, RSIS Commentaries


Linking Food Security, Climate Adaptation and Carbon Management: A Case Study from Indonesia. Landscape for People, Food and Nature.

Cities in darkness: Searching for new hope, Jakarta Post

Indonesia’s Haze and Disaster Governance Deficit, RSIS Commentaries

Priorities for disaster risk reduction, Jakarta Post

Get ready for future crisis in food production in Southeast Asia, Jakarta Post

Jokowi’s Food Sovereignty Narrative: Military in the Rice Land? RSIS Commentaries

Brunei’s Vision 2035: Can It Achieve Food Self-Sufficiency? RSIS Commentaries

Netting more ways to keep fish farms sustainable, Strait Times Singapore

Climate Change and Food Supply: Reinforcing the North-South Divide, RSIS Commentaries

Bencana Nasional Kebakaran Asap, Kompas, 9 Oct 2015

Mengapa Kebakaran Hutan dan Asap 2015 Adalah Bencana Nasional? IRGSC Commentary 004/2015


Agriculture and fisheries after the tsunami, Jakarta Post

Irrigation infrastructure prone to climate change, catastrophes, Jakarta Post

Climate adaptation creates conflicts, Jakarta Post

Asian food security under +2 and +4°C climate change: IPCC assessment report 2014, Jakarta Post

Quick response to volcanic activity, Jakarta Post

WTO Breakthrough on Stockpiles: Sustaining Food Security. RSIS Commentaries

Putting A Price on Carbon: From Lima to Paris 2015. RSIS Commentaries

Food Sovereignty Discourse in Southeast Asia: Helpful or Disruptive. RSIS Commentaries

Disaster Risk Governance: Strengthening Collaboration with Non – State Actors. RSIS Commentaries

Volcanos test Indonesia’s disaster management. East Asia Forum

Solusi reformasi birokasi era Jokowi-JK, Timor Express, 11 Agustus 2014.

Epistimologi Blusukan, Pos Kupang, 15 Juni 2014

Menanti pempimpin sadar data dan pengetahuan, Pos Kupang, 16 Jan 2014

Kebijakan berbasis data dan pengetahuan, Victory News, 11 Jan 2014

Stagnasi perkembangan industri pengolahan di NTT, Pos Kupang, 3 Jan 2014.


Governing the risk of haze and ASEAN diplomacy

Let’€™s talk of defecation: Rethinking the future of sanitation

Sticks and carrots in urban waste management in Indonesia

Global Problem, Local Solution: Adaptasi Perubahan Iklim Dengan Menggunakan Sailana Model [online] 29 Dec 2013

Masa Depan Pengelolaan Risiko Kebakaran di Indonesia [The Future of fire risk governance in Indonesia], Pos Kupang 12 Aug 2013

NTT 2050: Menuju Politik Perkotaan Yang Waras. Pos Kupang 12-05-13.


Do we have more or less forests today than in the past?

Semarang joins the ‘sinking cities network’


Get ready for major disasters

Children and youths as climate guardians

Disaster risk science for disaster risk reduction


Early warning systems and politics of fear

Occidentalism and the Future of the Humanitarian Emergency Management


Feeling better, doing worse?

Our starving children

Reflections on the case of tsunami early warning system in Indonesia, Risk Frontiers Briefing Note # 184.
Warning system is about people, Jakarta Post

Tambang NTT dan Dunia Persilatan Antar Fundamentalisme? Pos Kupang, 7 Jun

Climategate” atau Pro-“Status Quo”?, Kompas, 17 Des 2009

Masyarakat Sadar Bencana, Kompas, 2 Oct 2009

Kebijakan Manajemen Bencana, Kemasan Baru Isi Lama?, 7 Oct 2009


Lumpur Lapindo, Lumpurnya Tuhan? Kompas, 28 Feb 2008.

Paradoks Wildavsky? Kompas, 09 Jan 2008


Aceh’s security, development and institutional transformation, Jakarta Post

Excuses, inaction only add to global warming burden. Jakarta Post

Alam Tak Pernah Membangun Rumah, Kompas, 15 Sept 2007

Manajemen Risiko Bencana dan Sekolah, Kompas 7 November 2007.

The Tamarind economy: fondasi ketahanan pangan NTT? Pos Kupang 1 Oct 2007.


New direction needed for disaster management, Jakarta Post

Famine, drought, malnutrition: Defining and fighting hunger, Jakarta Post

The Cost Incomplete Worst Case Scenario, Jakarta Post

“Wedhus Gembel” Dientak Gempa, Kompas, 2 Jun 2006

Alat Analisis dan Pabrikasi Kelaparan, Kompas, 20 Jun 2006

Retaknya Ke-Alor-an, Pos Kupang, 26 May 2006


Kyoto’s Destiny and Global Future. The Jakarta Post

Disaster and the Path of Sustainable Development of Aceh, Jakarta Post

Kelaparan Yahukimo, Disengaja? [Yahukimo Disaster: by design?] Kompas, 12 Dec 2005

Ketahanan Pangan in Indonesia [Food Security in Indonesia] Kompas, 29 Nov 2005

Bencana 26 Desember 2004 (Tsunami Disaster 26 December 2004). Kompas, 28 Dec 2004

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