Collection of PhD Thesis on Indonesia Disaster Related Research Since 1945

  1. Anggaryani, Mita 2020. School-Based DRR Programs in Disaster-Prone Areas: The Case of Yogyakarta. PhD Dissertation, Australian National University.
  2. Rindrasih, Erda, 2020. Travelling in the Ring of Fire: Tourism development in Indonesia’s disaster-prone environment. PhD Thesis, Utrecht University
  3. Pradytia Pertiwi 2020. Including people with disabilities in disaster risk reduction in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Sydney.
  4. Pamungkas, Dewi Retno 2020 The Awareness and Knowledge of Post-Disaster Emotional Responses in Adult Community Members and Nurses in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. PhD Thesis University of Adelaide
  5. Sajow, Hely Stenly 2020. Better Preparedness for Better Responses: Integrating Maternal and Reproductive Health into Disaster Risk Management: A Qualitative Case Study from Indonesia. PhD Thesis, Auckland University of Technology.
  6. Suryaman, Yaman 2020. Accountability in responses to natural disasters : a case study of flooding in Garut, West Java, Indonesia. University of Liverpool.
  7. Indah, Rosaria, 2019. Community-based medical education: Exploring doctor-patient interactions in post-disaster Aceh, Indonesia. University of Sydney
  8. Pepen Supendi 2020. Seismicity study of eastern part of Indonesia and tomographic imaging beneath the Sunda-Banda arc transition zone. PhD dissertation-Institut Teknologi Bandung
  9. Erwin Nugraha 2019. Resilience Governmentality: Rationality, Apparatus and Subjectivity  in Building Urban Resilience in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Durham.
  10. Octavianti, Thanti 2019 The illusion of solution?: the politics of Jakarta’s quest to achieve water security. PhD Thesis – University of Oxford
  11. Nurdin, Nurmalahayati  2019. Disaster risk reduction in education and the secondary high school science curriculum in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University College London.
  12. Avianto Amri 2019. Connecting communities: Integration of disaster preparedness measures at household, school, and community level, using a child-centered approach. PhD Thesis, Macquarie University.
  13. Rani, Medria Shekar 2019. Landscape structure and sustainability of flood regulating service : landscape and hydrologic modelling of the Ci Kapundung and Ci Sangkuy upper water catchment areas in the Bandung Basin. University of Sheffield.
  14. Siswani Sari 2019. The governmental and non-governmental approaches to maintain medium and long-term disaster resilience after a mega-disaster Case study: Aceh Province, Indonesia after 2004 the Indian Ocean Tsunami. PhD Thesis – University of Bonn.
  15. Annisa Triyanti 2019. Governing ecosystem-based disaster risk reduction : mangroves in Indonesia and India. PhD Thesis Universiteit van Amsterdam.
  16. Dinar Mutiara Kusumo Nugraheni 2019. Profiling Users of Technology Used to Deliver Disaster Warning Messages (Study of SMS for early warning messages in Semarang, Indonesia). PhD Thesis – Flinders University.
  17. Thomas Neise 2019. Firms′ adaptation strategies to floods and their potential implication on regional economic development –Insights from Jakarta and Semarang, Indonesia, PhD Thesis – Universität zu Köln
  18. Pranantyo, Ignatius Ryan. 2019. Tsunami Hazard in Eastern Indonesia: Source Identification and Reconstruction for Historical Case Studies. PhD Thesis – Australia National University.
  19. Ashar, Faisal 2018. Tsunami evacuation planning : case study in Padang City, Indonesia. University of Huddersfield
  20. Arini, Hilya Mudrika 2018. A conceptual model of trust in emergency evacuation : evidence from Indonesian volcano eruptions. University of Strathclyde
  21. Christina Evelyn Griffin 2018. Vulnerability, livelihoods and disaster knowledge in the volcanic highlands of Central Java, Indonesia: ‘Itu sudah biasa’. PhD Thesis – Australian National University
  22. Jumadi, Jumadi 2018. A spatial agent-based model for volcanic evacuation of Mt. Merapi. PhD thesis, University of Leeds
  23. Mardiah, Andri Narti Radiatul 2018. Interface between disaster and development : local economic revival through collaborative post-disaster recovery governance and network in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Leeds.
  24. Muhammad Riza Nurdin 2018. Religion and Social Capital:Civil Society Organisations in Disaster Recovery in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – UNSW Canberra.
  25. Dantje Sina 2018. A framework for assessing the livelihood resilience of post-disaster relocated communities. PhD Thesis – The University of Auckland.
  26. A Srikandini 2018. Politics of Disaster Risk Governance in Indonesia and Myanmar: a study into the dynamics of governance network on Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR). PhD Thesis, Wageningen University.
  27. Saputra, Aditya 2018. Understanding the earthquake multi-hazard and risk using remote sensing and geographic information system in Pleret, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Canterbury.
  28. Ario Muhammad 2018. Tsunami hazard and risk assessments in West of Sumatra, Indonesia using stochastic tsunami simulation. PhD Thesis – University of Bristol.
  29. Smith, Zachary Aaron, 2017. Hydro-Social Systems in Jakarta: A Critique of Flood Management Policy. PhD Thesis – National University of Singapore
  30. Armia, Muhammad Syathiri 2017. The impact of UK aid in support of disaster risk reduction program in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Huddersfield
  31. Bisri, Mizan 2017. Instrumentality of humanitarian clusters: Factors affecting inter-organizational networks during large-scale disasters and the impact on emergency response performance. PhD Thesis – Kobe University.
  32. Brata, Aloysius Gunadi 2017. The Socio-economic impacts of natural disaster: Empirical Studies on Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Universiteit Amsterdam
  33. Yumarni, Tri 2017. Gender mainstreaming and sustainable post-disaster reconstruction : earthquake regions in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Huddersfield
  34. Guarnacci, Ugo 2017. Investigating resilience in post-disaster, post-conflict Indonesia : governance, social networks and subjective wellbeing. University of Reading.
  35. Norhazlina Fairuz Musa Kutty 2017. The Beneficiaries’ Perspective on the Role of NGOs in Post-Tsunami Reconstruction in Aceh, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of New South Wales.
  36. Panjaitan, Berton Suar Pelita 2017. Understanding Tsunami hazard knowledge and preparedness : before and after the 2010 Tsunami in Mentawai (Indonesia). PhD Thesis – University of Canterbury
  37. Tauhid, Fahmyddin Araaf 2017. Designing Cities for Tsunami Impact Mitigation: Evaluating Physical Planning Using Structural Equation Models in Makassar City, Indonesia. University of Florida
  38. Rahman, Alfi 2017. Development Processes of Indigenous Knowledge on Tsunami Risk Reduction to Increase Community Resilience: The Case of the Smong in Simeulue Island, Aceh, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Tohoku University.
  39. Dwi, Febi 2016. Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation Partnership Through Collaborative Governance to Build Urban Community Resilience to Flood Risks in Jakarta. PhD Thesis, Griffith University.
  40. Simarmata, Hendricus Andy, 2016. Locally Embedded Adaptation Planning A trilogy of adaptive knowledge of flood-affected people in Jakarta. PhD Thesis, University of Bonn.
  41. Sunarharum, Tri Mulyani 2016. Collaborative planning for disaster resilience: the role of community engagement for flood risk management. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology.
  42. Gultom, Dwie Irmawaty 2016. Trustworthy and participatory community-based disaster communication : a case study of Jalin Merapi in the 2010 Merapi eruption in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Canterbury
  43. Heger, Martin 2016. The causal effects of the Indian Ocean tsunami and armed conflict on Aceh’s economic development. PhD Thesis – London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
  44. Pelupessy, Dicky C 2016 Relocation: Sense of community, connection to place, and the role of culture following a volcanic eruption. PhD thesis – Victoria University
  45. Liu, Saryakus Paulus 2016. Kupang: Social Adaptability and Vulnerability across an urban rural continuum in West Timor. PhD diss. The Australian National University.
  46. Perman, Joseph 2016. The Reconstruction of Post-Tsunami Banda Aceh, Indonesia: A spatial analysis of the rebuilding of structures, roads, and productive land. University of California
  47. Setiawan, Dorita 2016. International aid’s role in Indonesia’s social work professionalization process: A narrative analysis. PhD Thesis – Columbia University.
  48. Nur Miladan 2016. Communities’ contributions to urban resilience process: a case study of Semarang city (Indonesia) toward coastal hydrological risk. Architecture, space management. PhD Thesis – Université Paris-Est.
  49. Novenanto, Anton 2016. Discoursing Disaster: Power and Actor of the Lapindo Case in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Heidelberg University.
  50. Dewi, Cut 2015. Iconic Architectural Heritage in Banda Aceh: Remembering and Conservation in Post-Disaster Contexts. PhD Thesis – Australian National University
  51. Aprillia Findayani 2015. Community-based Practices to Cope with Coastal Flood and River Flood in Semarang City, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Kyoto University.
  52. Gunawan, Lalu Adi 2015. Adapting to climate change: perspectives from rural communities in Lombok, eastern Indonesia. PhD thesis, James Cook University.
  53. Rampengan Mercy Maggy Franky 2015. Impacts of multiple hazards on small island communities: perspectives from North Sulawesi, Indonesia PhD thesis – James Cook University.
  54. Setiawan, Eko 2015. Location-allocation models for relief distribution and victim evacuation after a sudden-onset natural disaster. PhD Thesis, Loughborough University
  55. Tyas, Wido Prananin 2015. Resilience, home-based enterprises and social assets in post-disaster recovery : a study from Indonesia. PhD Thesis, Newcastle University.
  56. Wong, Po Yin 2015. Resilience and adaptation to natural hazards: Evidence from Indonesia. PhD Thesis, University of Maryland.
  57. Sri Warsini 2015. Psychosocial and environmental distress resulting from a volcanic eruption : a mixed methods study. PhD Thesis – James Cook University.
  58. Akbar Zarina 2015. Post-traumatic growth: Long term psychological conditions among disaster survivors in Yogyakarta-Indonesia. PhD dissertation – Leipzig University
  59. Tuswadi 2014. Disaster Management and Prevention Education for Volcanic Eruption: A Case of Merapi Area Primary Schools in Java Island, Indonesia. PhD Thesis, Hiroshima University.
  60. Djalante, Riyanti 2014. “Building resilience to disasters and climate change: pathways for adaptive and integrated disaster resilience in Indonesia. PhD Thesis, Macquarie University
  61. Benny Hidayat 2014. The role of knowledge communication in the effective management of post-disaster reconstruction projects in Indonesia. PhD Thesis, University of Salford
  62. Ezri Hayat 2014. Evaluation of local governments’ capacity in the maintenance of post-disaster road reconstruction assets. University of Salford
  63. Farah Mulyasari 2014. Enhancing Climate-related Disaster Resilience through Effective Risk Communication in Bandung, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Kyoto University
  64. Teddy Boen 2014. Challenges and Potentials of Retrofitting Masonry Non-Engineered Construction in Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Kyoto University.
  65. Catherine Louise Elliott 2014. At Home in the Post-Tsunami Landscape? A Case Study of Post-Disaster Housing in Aceh, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – University of Tasmania.
  66. N Rahma Hanifa 2014. Interplate Earthquake Potential off Western Java, Indonesia, based on GPS data. PhD Thesis – Nagoya University
  67. Hartell, Jason 2014. Earthquake risk in Indonesia: Parametric contingent claims for humanitarian response and financial institution resiliency. PhD Thesis – University of Kentucky.
  68. Katie Preece 2014. Transitions between effusive and explosive activity at Merapi volcano, Indonesia : a volcanological and petrological study of the 2006 and 2010 eruptions. University of East Anglia,
  69. Adhiyoso, Wignyo 2013. An Indonesian Community Policy Study for Tsunami Resilient Preparedness. PhD Thesis – Ritsumeikan University.
  70. Erin Joakim 2013. Resilient disaster recovery : a critical assessment of the 2006 Yogyakarta, Indonesia earthquake using a vulnerability, resilience and sustainable livelihoods framework. PhD Thesis – University of Waterloo.
  71. Sulistyaningrum, Eny  2013. Human capital outcomes for children : the impact of school subsidies and natural disasters. PhD Thesis – Lancaster University.
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  75. Neysa Jacqueline Setiadi 2013. Assessing people’s early warning response capability to inform urban planning interventions to reduce vulnerability to tsunamis : case study of Padang City, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Universität Bonn
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  81. Bauni Hamid 2012. Reconstruction through collaboration : Negotiation of the housing process in disaster recovery. PhD Thesis – University of California, Berkeley
  82. Klitzsch, N. 2012. Predicaments of ‘disaster diplomacy’ : tracing causal processes of conflict and ‘natural disaster’ in tsunami-affected Sri Lanka and Aceh, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Queen’s University Belfast.
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  91. Thomas Haase “Administrative Resilience: Evaluating The Adaptive Capacity of Administrative Systems That Operate In Dynamic and Uncertain Conditions”  PhD dissertation – University of Pittsburgh.
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  93. Jonatan A. Lassa 2011. Institutional Vulnerability and Governance of Disaster Risk Reduction: Macro, Meso and Micro Scale Assessment (With Case Studies from Indonesia). PhD Thesis – University of Bonn.
  94. Konglim, Parichart 2011. The language of tourism advertising in five countries worst affected by the Asian Tsunami : before and after, focussing on Thailand. Liverpool John Moores University.
  95. Heather Lynne Taylor 2011. Children’s experiences of flooding in Surakarta, Indonesia. PhD Thesis – Massey University
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