Selected Policy Reports


Exclusions Beget Exclusions: Understanding Social Exclusion in Indonesia. A systematic analysis of Program Peduli’s Theory of Change documents

Impact of climate change on rice security in India, Thailand and Vietnam. NTS Report, NTS RSIS NTU Singapore. June 2016, with With Paul Teng and Mely Cabalero-Anthony.


Impact of climate change on food production: options for importing countries. Policy Brief May 2015 – RSIS Singapore.

Public Stockpiling and Food Security. Policy Brief May 2015 – RSIS Singapore.

Lassa, J. and Li, Dominggus Elcid. 2015. NGO Networks and the Future of NGO Sustainability in Indonesia. NSSC Research Series #4. [as IRGSC – KSI Website

Investment, Innovation, Integration – Pathways to a Food Secure Asia by 2025 [NTS RSIS Singapore]


Assessing climate change adaptation in Indonesia: A review of climate vulnerability assessments conducted by USAID/Indonesia partners (2010-2013). Final Report to USAID, Washington. [Principal Investigator]

Climate change impact on food security in Southeast Asia. Special Report. NTS RSIS – ERIA.

A Post-Disaster Monitoring Study of Education In Emergencies Following the DKI Jakarta Flood 2013. Research Report to Save the Children Australia [January 2014]


Emerging ‘Agricultural Involution’ in Indonesia: Impact of Natural Hazards and Climate Extremes on Agricultural Crops and Food System’, in Sawada, Y. and S. Oum (eds.), Economic and Welfare Impacts of Disasters in East Asia and Policy Responses. ERIA Research Project Report 2011-8, Jakarta: ERIA. pp.595-634.

Indonesia Think Tank and Policy Research Networks. unpublished report to Asia Foundation, Indonesia


Political will for disaster reduction: what incentives build it, and why is it so hard to achieve? Ben Wisner, George Kent, Jean Carmalt, Brian Cook, JC Gaillard, Allan Lavell, Marcus Oxley,Terry Gibson, Ilan Kelman, Dewald van Niekerk, Jonatan Lassa, Zen Delica Willison, MihirBhatt, Omar-Dario Cardona, Djillali Benouar, Lizardo Narvaez (A Contribution to the Review of the draft Global Assessment Report of Disaster Risk Reduction 2011, Chapters 5, 6 & 7- Radix Online).


UNECSO’s Global Evaluation Report – Global DRR Program – Report to HQ Evaluation Office. 2010


Lassa, J. Ed. 2009. The DNA Code of risk: why vulnerability matters! A civil society response to the draft guidelines for disaster risk assessment of Indonesia. International Peer Reviewed Advocacy Paper, For OGB & Indonesian CSOs.

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