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Research supervision

I welcome honors/master/PhD supervision on the following topics: governing climate and disaster loss, social network analysis and network theory application in climate adaptation and disaster management, multi-hazard + conflict early warning system, interdisciplinary research of disaster risk, institutional vulnerability, disaster management policy reform, global and regional humanitarian ecosystems, NGOs/CSOs network structure, urban climate governance, models and frameworks in urban adaptation mainstreaming, critical realist approach to disaster policy making. I also welcome different ideas for future research.

Master thesis/research project supervision  

CDU MEDM Research Project – Global and regional humanitarian and DRR ecosystem network] [2016/2017] [Lead-supervisor] [Completed]

CDU MEDM Research Project – Drones in Emergency Management [2016/2017] [Co-supervisor]

CDU MEDM Research Project – Evolution of Myanmar Disaster Risk Governance Since 1900 [2017/2018] [Lead supervisor]

CDU MEDM Research Project – [Systematic Review of School Safety and Disaster Education Research [2017] [Lead Supervisor]

CDU MEDM Research Project – [Long-term evolution of Philippines’ Disaster Management Policy [2017/2018] [Lead supervisor]

CDU MEDM Research Project – Crisis Leadership and Media Framing in Nepal’s Disaster 2015-2017. [2017/2018] [Lead supervisor]

PhD supervision

CDU PhD Student – Climate smart livestock in the Philippines [Co-supervisor] [2017/2018]

CDU PhD Student – Agriculture and Food Sector Adaptation to Climate Extremes in Nepal [Co-supervisor] [2017-2019]

CDU PhD Student – Decentralisation and Early Warning Systems Arrangments for Natural Hazards [2018-2021]

UCL Belgium PhD Student – Disaster Management in Volcano Region of Cental Java, Indonesia [Co-supervisor]

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