Research supervision

PhD supervision

  • CDU PhD Student – Risk Communication and Indigenous Language [Co-Supervisor]
  • CDU PhD Student – Risk index for small island disaster planning in Indonesia and Solomon Islands [Lead supervisor]
  • CDU PhD Student – Military response to disasters [Lead supervisor] [2019/2024]
  • CDU PhD Student – Decentralisation and Early Warning Systems Arrangements for Natural Hazards in Indonesia [2018-2021] [LPDP Scholarship Recipient]
  • CDU PhD Student – Impact of COVID-19 on Farmers and Farming in Indonesia [Co-Supervisor] [2020-2023] [Co-Supervisor]
  • CDU PhD Student – Economic and Social Impacts of Extreme Weather Events on the Agricultural Sector in the Lowlands of Nepal [Co-supervisor] [Ongoing] [Completed]
  • CDU PhD Student – Climate-smart livestock in the Philippines [Co-supervisor] [Completed]
  • UCL Belgium PhD Student – Disaster Management in Volcano Region of Central Java, Indonesia [External Assessor]

Master thesis/research project supervision  – Lead supervision

  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Disaster payments in Australia [2021, Lead supervisor]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – COVID-19 crisis management in the Pacific [2019, Lead supervisor]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Global assessment of the implementation of Sendai Framework Priority 3 [2019, Lead supervisor]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Cyclone risk mitigation in Myanmar since Cyclone Nargis 2008. [2019, Lead supervisor]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – How post-disaster need assessment inform recovery planning and policy in Pacific [Solomon Island, Fiji and Vanuatu [[2018/2019] [Lead supervisor]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Business preparedness and response to local disasters in Darwin, Northern Territory [[2017/2018] [Lead supervisor]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Global and regional humanitarian and DRR ecosystem network] [2016/2017] [Lead-supervisor] [Completed]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – [Systematic Review of School Safety and Disaster Education Research [2017] [Lead Supervisor] [Completed]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and their application for use in the humanitarian sector [2016/2018] [Lead supervisor] [Completed]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Evolution of Myanmar Disaster Risk Governance Since 1900 [2017/2018] [Lead supervisor] [Completed]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – [The academics and practitioners’ approach to community-based disaster risk management: a systematic review [2017/2018] [Lead supervisor] [Completed]
  • CDU MEDM Research Project – Crisis Leadership and Media Framing in Nepal’s Disaster 2015-2017. [2017/2018] [Lead supervisor] [Completed]

For Prospective HDR Students, I Welcome PhD students for the following topics

  • Humanitarian cash transfers
  • Humanitarian reform in Asia and the Pacific
  • Disaster policy and utopia
  • Long-term evolution of disaster and resilience policy
  • Climate change, environmental migration and human trafficking
  • Disasters’ impact on migration and human trafficking
  • Social exclusion, risk and disaster vulnerabilities
  • Humanitarian ecosystem
  • Crisis and disaster communication system
  • Understanding long-term recovery trends in Southeast Asia [at >30 years timescale]
  • Long-term observation of community-based and/or community-led disaster risk management practices in ASEAN.
  • Disaster risk governance and decentralization in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar and Indonesia
  • Using network theory to understand disaster governance in Asia – the Pacific
  • Social network analysis and crisis leadership
  • Governing climate change adaptation in urban/rural settings as well as agriculture and livestock sectors
  • Seismic culture in Indonesia
  • Global thinkers and theorists on disaster studies
  • Object-oriented ontology and critical disaster/risk studies
  • Disaster policy making and reform in developing countries
  • Governing big-data and complexity methods for disaster risk reduction
  • Multi-hazard early warning systems: institutions and governance
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