Disaster Governance

Recent use of the term “disaster governance” has been simply meant ‘disaster management’. When i started my PhD on #disastergovernance back in 2007, no one defined what the term really meant. This led me to wrote an entry to an encyclopedia in 2010 [See disaster governance at Sage] as well as my PhD in 2011 [#disastergovernance]

In August 2007, Google hints were only 10 [See picture below] Some of the early documents using this term include UNDP’s Report 2004 [Reducing Disaster Risk, A Challenge for Development] and Dr Thea Hilhorst (Wageningen University). But the earliest should be dedicated to Peter J May. May’s work [see Environmental Management and Governance: Intergovernmental Approaches to Hazards and Sustainability (London and New York: Routledge Press, 1996].

disaster governance
Google Search on Disaster Governance 2007-2010