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Teaching Units

At Postgraduate Programs (Master, PgDipl; PgCert in Humanitarian, Emergency & Disaster Management at CDU, I have been responsible for the following units:

DEM511 Emergency and Disaster Management in Context

DEM513 Leadership in Emergency and Disaster Management

DEM514 Cultural, Social and Psychological Aspects of Emergency and Disaster Management

DEM615  Reflective Case Study in Emergency and Disaster Management

Brief examples of topics covered in the units [2016 and 2017]:

In DEM511: Risk, hazard, vulnerability assessments at different levels in different contexts including complex humanitarian settings; conflict warning systems; how to make resilience a reality; integrated DRR/DRM approahes; critical evaluation of humanitarian response standards; food security and other sectors under changing climate; understanding disaster policy assessment and disaster policy making processes; participatory urban adaptation; students video project on disaster theories from >50 prominent scholars;

For DEM513; Global humanitarian ecosystems; humanitarian reform agenda at global and regional levels; crisis leardership; asking the risk leadership questions; understanding decision making models; humanitarian/ disaster diplomacy; civil military coordination;  post disaster need assessment methodology; risk communication; how to do consulting in humanitarian emergency and disaster management; humanitarian technology for effective response;

DEM514: Sociological and anthropological approaches risk and disasters; system theory; complexity theory and social network application in disaster and emergency studies; advanced livelihoods analysis; end to end global and local disaster early warning systems; cultural response to risk and disasters; participation and DRR; social exclusion and disaster reduction; psychology of disaster risk; behaviorial economics and disaster risk;

DEM615: Reflective practice concepts and theories in humanitarian emergency and disaster management; Students’ reflective case studies writing projects could be: critical reflection of recent disaster interventions; critical reflection on a particular risk communication strategy; evaluation of recent civil protection and emergency response to terrorism in Europe; How to start an NGO?


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