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Work in Progress

Lassa J. [Forthcoming]- When Institutionalisation Means NGOnitation? Sustaining Climate Risk Governance in Indonesian Cities [completed draft to be submitted]

Lassa [forthcoming] “The Private Sector and Non-Government Organizations in Disaster Risk Reduction” – Oxford Research Encyclopaedia of Natural Hazard Science.

Nugraha E. and Lassa, J. [Forthcoming] Exogenous and Endogenous Forces in  Climate Change Adaptation Policy Making in Developing Countries .

Lassa et. al. Understanding constraints and opportunities of regional emergency rice reserve policy in Asean [completed draft, forthcoming]

Lassa et. al. Serendipity of Think Tanks Networks and Influence in Indonesia. With Benjamin Davis, Elcid Li and Kharisma Nugroho [Revised version to be submitted to PLoS-ONE]

Lassa J. et. al. Connectivity of Laws and Regulation: Analysing DRR-CCA Regulatory Integration from 42 local disaster management bills in Indonesia [Using SNA to visualize laws/regulatory connectivity] [a Paper drafted at Harvard Kennedy School – a Post-doc research report in 2011

Lassa J. 2011 Ed. The everyday life of local disaster risk governance in Indonesia: Case Study from 6 provinces. Emergency Capacity Building Project (book manuscript – to be published)

Conditions for the sustainability of community based disaster risk reduction: Experiences from local districts and villages in Indonesia (Nias Island (North Sumatra), Manokwari (West Papua), TTS and TTU (East Nusa Tenggara).

Suni YPK and Lassa, J. 2014. Linking food security, climate adaptation and carbon management: a case study from Indonesia. IRGSC working paper no. 11 – ISBN/ISSN 2339-0638.

Lassa, J. The genesis of public private partnership in Indonesia: A case study from Padang, West Sumatra (Revised for Journal of Disaster Prevention and Management).

Impact of Climate Change of Agriculture: Options for Local Adaptation in East Nusa Tenggara – Co-authored with Yoseph Seran Mau and Dominggus Elcid Li. IRGSC Working Paper No 8, 2014

Future of Latrines and the Future of Civilization: Understanding Cultural Barriers and Opportunities in West Timor [An anthropological Survey of Sanitation in West Timor, Indonesia] – Jointly with Elcid Li et. al. 2013 [Working Paper No 7 IRGSC.]

Civil Society in Governing Disaster Reduction? Case Study from National and Local Levels in Indonesia? – IRGSC Working Paper #. 6. 2013.

Conceptualizing an established network of a community based flood early warning system: Case of Cawang, East Jakarta, Jakarta [co-author with Sagala S and Suryadini A. IRGSC Working Paper 3. 2013

The evolution of risk in Greater Jakarta. with Sagala, Lassa, Hudala et.al. 2013. IRGSC Working Paper # 2.

Emerging practice of community based early warning system in Jakarta: Case of Ciliwung. Lassa, Sagala and Suryadini (2013). IRGSC Working Paper # 3 2013.

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