Toineke 2018

A note by Jonatan A. Lassa on Toineke’s evolution in the last 20 years. These pictures are the supplements for the article by Lassa, J. Boli, Y., Nakmofa, Y., Ofong, A., Fanggidae, S. and Leonis, H. 2018. Twenty years of community-based disaster risk reduction experience from a dryland village in Indonesia. Journal of Disaster Studies (JAMBA) Vol 10 Issue 1, 502e, See also List of flood events in Toineke Since 1940s-2016.

Picture 1 and 6 show status quo in flood risk management in Toineke village back in early 2000s till the first decade of 21st Century, where most most households practiced like what is seen in Picture 1.

There are incremental changes as part of long term evolution of flood management in Toineke Village, South Central Timor, Indonesia as can be seen in Picture 2-5. Early explanation of this evolution can be found in Nakmofa and Lassa 2009.

Picture 1. Typical vulnerable house in Toineke during 2000s [Picture by F. Lassa]
Picture 2 Elevated floor house in Toineke. [Picture by F Lassa, Jan 2018]
Picture 3. Elevated wells in Toineke today. [Picture by F Lassa, Jan 2018]
Picture 4. Middle income family can build a house to avoid innundation [Picture by F Lassa, Jan 2018]
Picture 5. Typical improvement of well’s ring in Toineke Village today [Picture by F Lassa, Jan 2018]
Picture 6. Like in Picture 1, this is a typical house in Toineke back in Pre 2010. Till today, as of 2018, still there are many houses like this [Picture, F. Lassa, January 2018].

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